Friday, January 30, 2015

Why I Don't Believe in God - Actress Julianne More

 54 year old award winning actress, Julianne Moore has explained why she doesn't believe in God.. The red head beauty who covers the Hollywood reporter said she stopped believing in God when her Mother died and has a strong sense that meaning is imposed on a chaotic world.She told the magazine

"I learned when my mother died five years ago that there is no 'there' there, "Structure, it's all imposed. We impose order and narrative on everything in order to understand it. Otherwise, there's nothing but chaos."

She also says she likes the idea of taking charge of one's own life .Unlike many who feel their lives are created by God, she feels she created her own life..

 The idea that you're the center of your own narrative and that you can create your life is a great idea,"I totally believe it. I've been really lucky, but I feel I've completely created my own life."

I am Finished..My Church Members Now know I'm an Armed Robber - Popular Alaba Trader

Armed robber suspect ,John Nnamdi, who owns one of the biggest stores at the Alaba International Market has opened up on why he kept participating in robbery operations despite building mansions from previous operations.Arrested with 4 others ,two also traders,John, while speaking with Crime & Security said that most traders are into armed robbery too

“I participated in a robbery operation where we made over one hundred million naira and I got twenty eight million naira as my share. What kind of business could I have done to get that kind of money?”“I am a businessman at the Alaba International Market. I deal in musical instruments. The same thing is applicable to my members.

They have one business or the other in the market. Some sell generator parts or sets; others sell one thing or the other to deceive people that we are into genuine businesses. We robbed a man travelling from Cotonou.”

  On how they got the information that the man was holding a huge amount of money, John said that

“It was our informant that told us that the man was coming into the country. It was the most successful robbery operation that I ever participated in. Others got N25 to N18 million, depending on their roles. I am the gang leader.

“The second robbery was in Cotonou. We raided a bank. We got big money also. But I can’t say how much. I know I got N17 million and my boys got as much as N5 million each.”
The suspects, while speaking on robberies outside Nigeria, said

 “Robberies in Cotonou are easier than what happens in Nigeria. In Cotonou, you don’t even need a gun to operate. But in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, you need to be very careful.”

On why he continued to participate in robberies even after making enough money, the suspect said that

“Well, I built a very magnificent building in my village. I have another one in Lagos.

I bought some cars but I regret everything now. I am going to be ashamed both in the market and in my village because people see me as a big guy.

What of my church? I am finished; I am a Catholic and an active church member who belongs to many societies. My church members will now see me as an evil person. I am exposed to ridicule.

Well, many people in Alaba International Market and other market places are into armed robbery or other illegal businesses. Like Victor Anamalechi, he is my gang member and he sells generating sets. He is equally seen in the market as a big man.

The other person, Ihenacho Igwe (aka Messiah) is not in Alaba Market, but when he got much money, he invested in trucks. He also bought some taxis and commercial buses. He really utilised his money very well but all is now vanity.

“My advice to people is that they should not be envious of other people that they see in affluence.

Many of them could have acquired their wealth through illegal means, especially armed robbery. More so, the money one gets through armed robbery brings fear and apprehension as one is forced to live in perpetual fear.

Now, I have been living in fear and the thing I was afraid of all this while has finally happened to me. I have been arrested and I don’t know my fate yet.”

"Don't commit suicide by going to fight Boko Haram when you can't run" - Sambo tells Buhari

Vice-President Namadi Sambo on Thursday advised the APC presidential candidate,  against committing suicide by planning to personally lead the war against Boko Haram terrorists, if elected president.Sambo gave the advice at the PDP Presidential Rally in Yola, Adamawa asking how many meters Buhari can run..

He described the plan as a suicidal proposal, asking “will he (Buhari) go with a suicidal proposal?”

“I want to seize this opportunity to draw our attention to a publication, last week, credited to the vice-presidential candidate of the APC that their plan is to ask their presidential candidate, retired Maj-Gen. Buhari, to lead the war against Boko Haram.I want to ask you a question, a retired 73-year-old General ...can he run? No!

“Okay, let’s assume that he can run; how many metres can he run before he falls? The training of a General that retired in 1985 is it the same training that can address a modern war? No!

“Now we are fighting war with drones, with new ideas that our President, a PhD holder, a scientist that is using (his knowledge) to address the security issues of this country.

Shocking Photos from Venezuela Tattoo International Expo

Some extreme tattoo fanatics exhibiting at the Venezuela Tattoo International Expo in Caracas, showed off their shocking modifications and colourings.

They  have had implants, extreme dental work and even dye injected into their eyeballs to make them look as menacing as possible.

The four-day event has seen people travel from across the globe to show their extreme modifications, with implants even to alter the shape of their skulls.

See more shocking pics below


If Jonathan loses, Nigeria will break - Tompolo insists

Former leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) Government Ekpemupolo (aka Tompolo) has restated the resolve of the Niger Delta warlords to make Nigeria ungovernable if President Jonathan fails to return as president in next month's general election.

In a statement released by his Media Adviser, Mr Paul Bebenimibo, in Warri yesterday January 29th, Tompolo attacked Gen Theophilus Danjuma for calling for his arrest alongside Asari Dokubo and other Niger delta warlords. He said the treaty that merged the Northern and Southern protectorate of Nigeria expired last year and everyone should be grateful to President Jonathan for keeping Nigeria together. Part of his statement after the cut...but meanwhile, the presidency has condemned this war threat from Tompolo and others..

"Gen. Danjuma and his cohorts should know that I remain resolute on my position in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, that President Goodluck Jonathan must win this election for Nigeria to continue to stay together. Gen. Danjuma should be reminded that the devilish treaty that brought the Southern and Northern Protectorates together in 1914 expired last year. Danjuma and his likes, such as Gen. Buhari, Gen. Obasanjo and Mr. Bola Tinubu, should be grateful to President Jonathan who has been keeping this country together. If not for President Jonathan, Nigeria would not have been any more.  Danjuma and his cohorts should be reminded of the saying that ‘those who live in glass house should not throw stones’.

The call by Gen. T.Y Danjuma (rtd) to arrest me and other agitators for a better living for the people of the Niger Delta region is an indication that he is behind terrorism in the North eastern part of the country as well as the stoning of President Jonathan’s convoy in Kastina and Bauchi states, because he has never condemned those acts, even though Boko Haram attacked churches and mosques in his home town. Is Gen. Danjuma not aware of the peaceful atmosphere when Gen. Buhari visited Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa (home state of the President) states for campaign?  Why is it that President Jonathan’s convoy was attacked in Kastina and Bauchi states without any provocation? Who is Gen. Danjuma if not for the oil wealth he is enjoying from the Niger Delta? He should be rather arrested for being behind terrorism in the North.

Where was Danjuma when Mallam Ciroma Adamu threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable, if President Jonathan defeated the All Progressive Congress Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammedu Buhari?  Where was this so called statesman when the APC campaign Director General (DG), Mr. Rotimi Ameachi threatened to form a parallel government if President Jonathan wins the 2015 elections?  Where was this hypocrite when Dr. Junaid Muhammed, Muhammedu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar all said in separate interviews that the nation will boil if Jonathan won the election in 2011? Is it the interest of Nigeria Gen. Danjuma is protecting or his oil bloc in the Niger Delta?  Is it the interest of Nigeria Danjuma is protecting or his 50 million dollars donation to Gen. Buhari for his campaign? Let Gen. Danjuma and his cohorts know that they will not see any Ijaw man, the Igbos and others to fight on their side if the war that they are planning broke up,”.

In a related development, the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC), also released a statement signed by its spokesman, Eric Omare yesterday January 29th where they faulted the call by Gen Danjuma to arrest the Niger Delta ex-militants.

"We are surprised that General Danjuma swiftly called for the arrest of Tompolo, Asari and other Niger-Deltans, whereas he has neither condemned nor called for the arrest of those who have been consistently attacking the convoy of President Jonathan in the northern part of the country. General Danjuma’s call is not deserving of an elder statesman who is supposed to be unbiased rather than his obvious bias against the Niger-Delta people. Only yesterday, in Gombe State a supporter of President Jonathan who was pasting his posters was attacked and seriously brutalised.

Why has General Danjuma not condemned this dastardly act if he is really an elder statement? There was no time at the meeting the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Seriake Dickson, with youth leaders and ex-Niger Delta freedom fighters where it was resolved that Niger Delta people would destabilise Nigeria, if President Jonathan fails the February 14, 2015 presidential election. This did not form part of the resolutions of the meeting, which were read out by Hon. Kingsley Kuku for Governor Dickson to transmit to Mr. President.

The meeting was called by the Governor of Bayelsa State, to solicit support for President Jonathan from Niger-Delta youths and ex-freedom fighters. However, the meeting frowned at and  its dissatisfaction with the persistent attack on the campaign convoy of President Jonathan in some northern states when General Buhari, his main opponent, was protected and campaigned freely in the south during his campaign tour.

Hence, the meeting condemned in the strongest terms the attack on President Jonathan and resolved that nobody can intimidate President Jonathan out of the presidential race. At the meeting, all the youth leaders and ex-Niger Delta freedom fighters resolved to put their grievances aside and agree to work for the re-election of President Jonathan. Therefore, the report on ex-militants threatening to destabilise Nigeria in the event of President Jonathan losing the 2015 election is not part of the resolution of the meeting.

The meeting could not have discussed that as we are confident that President Jonathan would win the February 14, 2015 presidential election. We, therefore, call on Nigerians and the security agencies to disregard the call for arrest of Tompolo, Asari and others, which is based on a misleading report. The accusation levelled against President Jonathan by the APC is also unfounded,” the statement said.

4 year old boy who was brutally attacked by dogs, returns home from India

Omonigho Abraham, the 4 year old boy who was violently attacked by dogs owned by a neighbour in his family home in Lagos, returned from India alongside his dad yesterday January 29th after a successful operation in the country. Omo had been in India since late last year.

Omo's dad praised the doctors in India for the successful completion of the operation, thanking God for ensuring that his son can now live a normal life. He also appreciated the Lagos State Government for their help in LASUTH, all the NGOs that got involved and the media for the attention given to his son.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Doyin Okupe reacts to APC withdrawing from BON presidential debate

Naija politics is full of Drama.......

APC Explain Why General Buhari Will Not Participate In BON Presidential Debate

Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), will not be featuring in the presidential debate organised by the Broadcast Organisation of Nigeria (BON).

According Garba Shehu, directorate of media and publicity of the APC presidential campaign organisation, the boycott is due to the “unhidden bias and campaign of calumny by some key organisers of the programme, against the corporate political interest of the party (APC) and its candidates”. reports that, Shehu argued that the Nigeria Election Debate Group (NEDG) powered debate was fraught with fundamental errors from the outset, by wearing the toga of government control, especially being composed mainly of agencies and allies of the incumbent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration.

"A salutary inspection of the composition of NEGD brings into focus the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), National Television Authority (NTA), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Africa Independent Television (AIT, owned by a PDP chieftain)," he said.

“And going by the avalanche of inflammatory statements, misinformation and blatant lies being propagated by some of these media against our party and candidates contrary to the Koffi Annan-brokered Abuja Peace Accord, and the failure of these aggressors to desist and apologise, have left
the APC campaign with no option than to steer clear of any premeditated smear campaign that could be inimical to our prospective electoral success.”

He urged the public not to see the APc boycott as disrespect for Nigerian voters or an alibi for the party to dodge public scrutiny, but to view it as an honourable right not to consent to any activity that could distract, demean, denigrate or derail the fast-moving train of the party.

He described APC as a party of progressive intellectuals, genuine technocrats, successful businessmen and women, and most of all eminent and courteous people of honour who would never condescend to the level of sadistic gutter propaganda, all in the name of political exigency and crass opportunism.

He also noted that many government-controlled media have clipped the wings of APC promotional advertisements on one excuse on the other, and until a court upturned their decision recently, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) shut down some telecom portals for soliciting legitimate campaign funds from members of the public for APC.

“Aside, elements close to sitting President Goodluck Jonathan have commissioned series of derogatory and death threat advertorials against the person, family and associates of the opposition leader, General Muhammadu Buhari, to which the APC had sent letters of complaint to the Inspector General of Police, the Director General of State Security, Advertisers Practitioners of Nigeria (APCON), Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the erring media that published or aired such offensive adverts or documentaries,” he said.

“None of our letters of protest has been attended to by the authorities. So whatever the incumbent president wants to do with the instrument of state to harass members of the opposition into humiliating submission would not work. The APC/Buhari campaign is now a people’s movement. The more they try to rubbish it, the more popular we are with the populace.

“We are not shadow-chasers or moonwalkers. The APC is concerned mainly with the lack of unity and security in Nigeria; plus the growing decimation of lives, property and territory of our great country due to preventable insurgency; the slumbering economy; decaying educational system; absence of jobs; poor public health; and the cancerous institutionalisation of corruption in our national life.

You can’t fool the people all the time. Nigerians will vote out their oppressors come February 14'

AIT Shuts Down Online Presidential Poll over Massive Rigging (See Official Statement)

AIT sparked an online outrage when its online Presidential Opinion Poll was shut down on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

They received a lot of backlash by party supporters who called them out for being biased. This widespread criticism on social media platforms and online news media has now prompted the management of DAAR Communications to release a statement stating the reasons for the poll being shut down.

And according to them, supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) massively rigged the polls in favour of their candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari. Read the official statement below:

AIT Online Poll Data(1)

Breaking News: Boko Haram is Planning Attacks on Rallies Using Cows, Chickens - NOA

Boko Haram is planning to attack soft targets such as Automated Teller Machine (ATM) points, markets and political rallies, using bombs hidden in cows, goats and chickens.

Mike Omeri, Director-general of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and coordinator of the national information centre, who made the revelation, advised Nigerians to be circumspect. He also disclosed that the insurgents had perfected plans to unleash suicide bombers, who would disguise as cobblers and hide explosives in their boxes, on Nigerians. Omeri added that action was being taken to 
scuttle the plans of the terror group. He said: 

“Available intelligence reports indicate a plan by Boko Haram to use young male suicide bombers disguised as cobblers (shoemakers) to hide explosives in their tool boxes and detonate them in soft target areas such as markets, restaurants, ATM locations, political rallies, worship centres, as well as other public places. 
Also there is indication of a plan by this group to use livestock (such as goats, cows, donkeys and camels) laden with explosives to attack chosen targets. In view of these, the general public, including all persons operating within and around the aforementioned places, is advised to be vigilant and mindful of suspicious activities within their environment.”
Marilyn Ogar, spokesperson of the Department of State Services, (DSS) who was also at the press conference, said that relevant government agencies had since been informed of the development and steps were being taken to stop the terrorists.
“We have regular interactions with the relevant bodies and we have briefed them of the intelligence,” she said.
Omeri also revealed that 192 persons released by Boko Haram in January were currently receiving counseling at a military facility in Yobe state.
“The centre wishes to confirm that the persons recently released by Boko Haram are presently in the custody of military authorities. Authoritatively, we can sate that these persons are currently undergoing counselling after which they will return home to re-join their kith and kin,” he said.

Buhari will not participate in BON presidential debate - APC

APC are saying that the presidential candidate Gen Buhari will not be participating in the presidential debate being organized by the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria BON and the Nigeria Election Debate Group (NEDG) .

In a statement released today January 29th by Garna Shehu, the Director, Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO), they said Buhari will not be participating in the debate as the composition of those organizing the debate was mainly of agencies and allies of the incumbent People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) administration. Continue...

The statement reads in part;

“A cursory inspection of the composition of NEGD brings into focus the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), National Television Authority (NTA), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Africa Independent Television (AIT, owned by a PDP chieftain). And going by the avalanche of inflammatory statements, misinformation and blatant lies being propagated by some of these media against our Party and candidates contrary to the Kofi Annan brokered Abuja Peace Accord, and the failure of these aggressors to desist and apologise, have left the APC Campaign with no option than to steer clear of any premeditated smear campaign that could be inimical to our prospective electoral success,”

Most entertainers run after politicians because of poverty - actor Saidi Balogun

In an interview with Encomium magazine this week, actor Saidi Balogun said the reason entertainers run away after politicians is because of poverty - please read what he said it's kinda interesting.

"(Poverty), that's why you see some of our people running helter-skelter, campaigning for all these politicians. But there's one question we have all not asked, and that's what makes American artists donate to politicians while the actors here in Nigeria are asking from politicians.

 Every member of the National Assembly has not made an reasonable law on piracy which has devoured the industry. So, there's poverty in the industry.

If there's not, you won't see our people flocking around all these politicians, campaigning, singing and dancing for them. I saw a candidate being surrounded by some of our colleagues; I now said to myself, 'if this man eventually wins, how many actors or musicians will he remember? Although some are doing it to make ends meet.

And it's sad because we're stars. I think we're supposed to be worshiped, not worshiping others. Even if a governor holds your hand, he's supposed to be happy. But now, the reverse is the case.

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