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Kim & Kanye are attention seekers who only care about themselves - Singer Anastacia slams the couple

Kim and Kanye are probably the only celebrity couple hated by other celebrities..45 year old singer,Anastacia was asked by the Gay Times which celebrity annoys her the most, she responded:

'That's a very tough one, but it has to be Kimye. They're just one celebrity. They're a thing now so you can't take one without the other. Who could miss their wedding? It was everywhere.I mean, if they're in love, that's great. But there's so many other things they could be spending their money on helping the world.'I feel like their need for attention is just so ill placed today. They don't realise the wars and things going on that they become a little obsessive.'They could serve a better purpose with their fame. They would get far more props for doing something like that than I would. But all they seem to care about is themselves.'

"You are the most precious gift of my Life"- Peter Okoye tells Lola as she turns a year older

Peter Okoye wrote this sweet message to mark his wife's birthday .

Lolaomotayo On this precious day, i would take the privilege to tell you that you are the most precious gift of my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Honey!

This is sweet!! Happy Birthday to her..

Shocking: Ebola Scare In Lagos As Passenger Dies Inside Luxurious Bus

The unidentified man had boarded a bus bound for the North when he suddenly slumped and died

                                                               The scene of the pandemonium 

The Oyingbo park in the Jibowu area of Lagos was the scene of pandemonium as a passenger on board a luxurious bus reportedly slumped and died.

A witness told Pulse.ng that the incident occurred at about 7pm as other passengers were boarding the bus which was heading to Kaduna and Kano.

People in the area were immediately struck with fear and they began to assume the worst due to the Ebola disease which has inflicted some in the country.

According to the witness, some men eventually summoned courage and brought the corpse out of the bus while wearing nylon bags on their hands.

Police officers attached to the area were also called in and statements were given about the unfortunate incident.
The victim has not been identified as at press time and no official confirmation has been issued regarding the event.

Prophet TB Joshua Prophesies: A Very Big Nigerian Shot will be killed by BH, Obama will be hospitalised

On the 31st of August 2014,Pastor TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations made some prophecies on Nigeria,Obama and Kenya

"Pray for the whole world and pray for your country. Concerning Nigeria, last time I was talking that, they should pray for a Nigerian big shot. Because I'm seeing these people beginning to target them.I said it in January,  You saw what happened. This is another plan now....
A very big big shot should not be attacked by these people, because it will result to death and that can cause crises in this country. They are looking for avenue to cause conflict amoung the region but I'm seeing in the spirit that they want to attack a very big big shot.
They have stopped it for sometime but they are starting the plan again,and when it happens it will cause political crises.
Remember the passenger plane in that region (Russia) and the one I am talking about in Nigeria. Pray....

Pray for Southern Africa.They want to get rid of a president in that region which I'm not permitted to mention. A president will be kidnapped. Don't mis-quote me like I said last January,but quote this, I'm seeing militants,interested in embarrassing the president, either they kill him or kidnap him. They are still on in that plan. If prayer is not offered well, they will succeed. God showed me the president but I don't want to put any country into pandemonium. Pray for them. Particularly Kenya as a nation. Pray for them.
The nation Poland, there will be crises there. It will start any moment from now .
Pray for the president Obama. I'm seeing him being rushed to the hospital but he will get over it. He should be careful of operation. Write it down and mark it. Pray so that when he is rushed to the hospital,they should be careful of the kind of operation they will do. He only needs rest but these scientists like to do everything. There is nothing we can do about it,he will be rushed. "

How One Traditional Healer’s Funeral Spread Ebola Across Africa - Scientists

As Africa continues to try and find a way to get rid of the Ebola virus, Scientists with Degrees in MIT and Harvard have revealed some 300 mutations specific to this outbreak in a new paper in popular magazine, SCIENCE.
The scientist research included 78 patients in Sierra Leone who contracted the disease in May and June who they successfully sequenced the genomes of Ebola from these patients.
The current Ebola outbreak is the worst outbreak ever in Africa and has been spotted in Four countries, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.
It has afflicted 3000 people, killing 1,500 people, so far and its showing no signs of slowing down.
The scientists research has discovered that the recent viral strains come from a related strain that left Central Africa within the past ten years.
They say that one Sierra Leonean  Traditional healer had started boasting of having the cure of the virus and started treating Guinean Ebola patients who came over to seek quick help.
Then the Traditional healer contracted the disease and died, but due to the importance of the man to the area, his funeral was attended by people from all nook and cranny of Sierra Leone.
An according to the traditional funeral ways, the all took turn touching the highly infected leader before heading back to their homes acting as Transmitters of the virus.
The paper also talks about sequence of the Ebola genomes, With Harvard and MIT trained co-senior author Pardis Sabeti revealing that they are trying to work out the Sequence as fast as possible.
The toll to write the paper has been Mortally high, with five co authors dying of Ebola before the paper was even published.
Scientists have been able to track how the  Ebola virus has traveled from person to person and when using mutations as markers.
Well their analysis have revealed that the ancestors of the recent Ebola  outbreak some place in Central Africa roughly around 2004
It is then written that the more than 14 women got infected after they paid a visit to the funeral of the traditional healer who had been treating Guinean Ebola patients and contracted the disease.
But the ultimate surprise was when the scientist discovered two different strains of the virus came out of that one funeral, this has got them working with two theories, either the healer was infected with two different strains or that another person at the funeral was already infected.

                                            How Genetic sequences Explain the recent Ebola strain
As the virus continued its death march through Sierra Leone, one more strain reared its ugly head.
Sabeti notes that catching and recognizing the strain of Ebola is hard and risky but he says, he and his team won’t stop until the strain dies off.
Sabeti said: “We hope that this work opens up new doors for more people to work together to stop this virus now.”
Nigeria has already recorded six deaths from the Ebola virus since the late Liberian diplomat,Patrick Sawyer, brought the disease to Lagos on 20 July.
According to latest report, over 160 people are presently being observed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State for traces of Ebola after a medical doctor died in the oil rich state two weeks ago.

What Happens After Ebola-Infected Patients Are Cured

Dr.Bruce Ribner, who is the  Medical Director of Specialised Infectious Disease unit at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, has revealed that patients who recover from Ebola virus infection will generally develop a high immunity to the virus.
It was reported that Ribner was the leader of the team that took care of  the  two American aid workers, Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, who were released after being pronounced “recovered” from Ebola contracted Ebola while working in west Africa, hence, the validity of this report. 
Ribner made it known that Ebola survivors are totally immuned against the deadly disease by developing antibodies that helps fight the virus. The Medical Doctor said:  “In general, the finding is it’s basically like being immunised-it would be unusual to get infection with the same strain. We are still evaluating that in our two patients”.
Ribner made it known that although his claims are exact, there are two outpatients who are on evaluation to drive home the point.  “They have agreed to undergo additional testing so we can better understand immunity to Ebola virus. We are meeting with them periodically”, he explained.
“What we found in general is that among our Ebola patients, because of the amount of fluid they lost through diarrhoea and vomiting, they had a lot of electrolyte abnormalities. And so replacing that with standard fluids without monitoring will not do a very good job of replacing things like sodium and potassium. In both of our patients we found those levels to be very low. 
“One of the messages we will be sending back to our colleagues is even if you don’t have the equipment to measure these levels, do be aware this is occurring when patients are having a lot of body fluid loss.” Immunity: “We are still evaluating that in our two patients. Cross-protection is not quite as robust. There are five strains of Ebola viruses. Even though that data is not great, the feeling is there is potential for being infected if you go to a different part of Africa and get exposed to a different strain. 
“We are going to be following those two patients as outpatients, and as part of our evaluation they have agreed to undergo additional testing so we can better understand immunity to Ebola virus. We are meeting with them periodically”, Ribner explained. 
It would be recalled that just recently,  America’s Ebola vaccine, Zmapp,  cured lab monkeys that have been infected with the Ebola virus disease.

Ebola Scare : Five Die After Eating Dog Meat In Cross River

 According to reports, five  persons, a man, two of his children and two others were confirmed dead on Friday in the village of Uchenyim, Wanikade,North Ukelle in Northern Cross River State after eating the meat of a dog.

Reports from the area said the dog was fond of eating the eggs laid by native chicken in the Odareko-Uchenyim village and one of the villagers allegedly laced the eggs laid by his chicken with gamalin 20 insecticide and as expected, “the dog ate the eggs and fell ill and when it was about to die the owner quickly killed and prepared it into a delicacy which he, his family consumed with some neigbours”. Ugbem Onawo, a villager narrated to newsmen.

The man and his two children and the two others who died, according to the report also ate the intestines of the dog where incidentally the poison from the gamalin 20 is lodged leading to their taking ill and dying .

After the man shared the intestines among his children and the two neighbours and they ate, death came calling and they all died though at different times, which made some villager wrongly suspected the deadly ebola virus.

Policeman Narrates How Prophet T. B Joshua’s Anointing Sticker Saved Him From Boko Haram Bullets In Gwoza

Terrorist group Boko Haram, attacked a Nigerian Police training college, Gwoza Borno on August 20, 2014 killing many and leaving few survivors.

According to The Trent Online, one of the survivors of the attack, a police officer, Omereji Friday who witnessed the attack, was at T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday August 31 2014, to give a testimony of how he was saved by an anointing sticker.

Speaking in pidgin English, Omereji told the congregation he was stationed in Nasarawa State when an information came that a training exercise was to be conducted in Gwoza, Borno State. He called his wife to inform her. “My wife nearly fell down,” he explained, stating she insisted he visit her before going on the exercise.

Omereji said he went back home and was warned by his wife of the dangers in the area due to frequent attacks by terrorists but he wasn’t moved the insecurity problem his wife complained about.

“We quarrelled in the house and she told me if I did not go to Synagogue Church first, there would be trouble,” he explained to the congregation.

Here is how The Trent narrated his testimony:

Reluctantly agreeing with his wife and not by means of any personal conviction, Friday decided to visit T.B. Joshua’s renowned church in Lagos, Nigeria before his journey to Gwoza .

Arriving in Lagos late on Sunday 17th August 2014, church activities at The SCOAN were about to end. “I met one young man from South Sudan and introduced myself as a Nigerian police officer,” Omereji continued.
Although the service had finished, Friday pleaded with his newly made foreign acquaintance to give him something from the church he could take with him for the journey. “He gave me the ‘Anointing Sticker’ which he was with and I put it in my pocket,” he continued. Arriving back home, Friday’s wife told him to promise her that he would keep the ‘sticker’ which bore the message ‘Let love lead’ around his neck next to his ID card at all times during the journey as she didn’t want to end up a widow.

Arriving at the military camp in Gwoza on Monday heavily armed, two days of training exercises were conducted hitch-free. “On Wednesday, our ‘oga’ told us to go and drop our arms and ammunition at a certain place before the exercise.”
According to Omereji, the policemen saw a helicopter hovering over their area on an apparent surveillance mission later on that day. They reported to their seniors but were told not to be alarmed.

It was when the training exercise of that day was concluded and the policemen were back in their lodging that Boko Haram militants struck.
Friday recalled the hellish incident: “Suddenly, they called us to grab our guns. If you see how rain used to fall, that was how the bullets were falling. The person next to me was hit by a bullet and died in my presence. I fell down and began crawling. Our dormitory caught fire. Five armoured tanks were approaching with sophisticated weapons.”

He quickly remembered his wife’s words and clutched the Anointing Sticker he kept around his neck. “I began to shout, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, where are you? Come and save me.’ ”Bullets were raining around him but surprisingly none hit.
“I crawled to the high wall of the camp. I saw an officer attempting to climb over hit by a bullet and die instantly".The wall was higher than an ordinary jump could reach by human capacity. “As I prayed, I jumped and don’t know what pushed me up over the wall.”

However, the danger was far from over. As Friday began to run, he heard the sound of yet more heavy artillery. People to his left and right were collapsing but the policeman kept running. Miraculously, he escaped to safety.
“It was a warfront. I was the only person I know of who survived this Boko Haram attack,” he soberly concluded. “This Anointing Sticker is powerful!”

In his comments, T.B. Joshua reiterated his previous assertion that Boko Haram was the challenge of Nigeria and not Ebola. He further warned that infiltration from foreign militants had already occurred within Boko Haram, hence their sophisticated weaponry.

Posted by TB Joshua Ministries. 

Shocking Confession: I killed my father over a stick of cigarette – Suspect

25 year old Best Momodu, (pictured in blue) one of the 63 criminals paraded yesterday September 1st by men of the Edo state Police command at the state Force Headquaters, confessed to stabbing his own father to death over a stick of cigarette he stole from the man, Vanguard reports.
“I stole his cigarette and he found out. So he started shouting at me and quarreling. So, mistakenly I took a knife and stabbed him. I have not seen the dead body but I heard he died. But the community people arrested me after I killed him.” the Edo state indigene said while confessing to the crime.
 While parading the suspects, the state Police Commissioner, Folunso Adebanjo, advised residents of the state to be very vigilant as we approach the end of the year when criminal activities is usually on the increase.

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