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"We will cause destruction which will shock the world"- Niger Delta Avengers warn of upcoming attack

Niger Delta Avengers, the new terrorist group operating which under the guise of militancy have over the weeks launched multiple attacks on oil and gas installations in the Niger Delta region, struck again today .

The group announced its latest assault on Friday, saying it blew up a gas and crude trunk line belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, in Warri, Delta State, late Thursday.

They have also warned of an upcoming attack which they promise will 'shock the world'.

This alarming announcement, which in my opinion, the government should take very seriously was made on Twitter this morning.

They tweeted

President Buhari Soon To Change His Ministers? See What He Wants Nigerians To Do

As one year anniversary of President Muhammadu’s administration draws close, he has asked Nigerians to pass on a verdict on the performance of his cabinet members so that he will know if he should change them. The president said this during an interview session at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja on Thursday, May 26.

Buhari was asked if Nigerians should expect changes in his team during this anniversary period. In his reply, he said: “I am waiting for the newspapers to tell me the performance of my ministers and whether I should make changes.” Explaining why his administration took off rather slowly, Buhari said ex-President Goodluck Jonathan agreed that each ministry would prepare handing over notes and also brief him (Buhari), for him to choose what he wanted out of it.

However, they protested at the last minute that he should not be allowed to take over the government before he was sworn-in. Buhari claimed no proper transition took place as a result of this and after his inauguration he had to take briefings from two ministries a day in order to make up for lost time.

Clarence Peters Place $10,000 Reward For Anyone Who Finds The Man That Stole His $60,000 Equipment

Clarence Peters has placed a bounty of $10,000 on anyone who finds the man that stole his production equipment which is estimated at $60,000.  The video director was robbed in Ghana where he had gone to shoot a music video.

According to the CCTV of the hotel where the equipment were stolen, a man was seen walking into the room and picking up the bag containing the production equipment before leaving.

The director has now said he will give anyone who can identify the man the sum of $10,000.

Islamic council proposes allowing men to 'lightly beat' their wives if they refuse to have sex

The Council of Islamic Ideology has proposed allowing a man to 'lightly beat' his wife if she does not 'dress as he desires', refuses to have sex, or fails to take a bath after her period.

The 20-member council is a constitutional body of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but can only advise the government rather than make laws.

Acording to the Express Tribune,it suggests that women can be beaten if they refuse to have sex without a religious excuse or fail to bathe after intercourse and periods. Women should also be beaten for not wearing hijabs, or for speaking so loudly that strangers can hear them, it recommends.

Its latest proposals come as part of its own women protection bill, after it rejected Punjab province's controversial Protection of Women against Violence Act - branding it un-Islamic.The bill argues that women should be banned from military combat, welcoming foreign delegations and working in advertisements, and must have spousal permission to give monetary support to somebody.

Female nurses should be banned from taking care of male patients and there should be no-co-education after primary school, it suggests.

The bill advises that a woman must not interact with strangers and that abortion after 120 days should be declared murder.

However, it says that a woman can participate in politics without the permission of her parents and that anyone who tries to force women to marry should be jailed for ten years.

Sources in the council told The Express Tribune that three of the council members rejected some of the proposals in the bill during heated discussion led by Chairman Muhammad Khan Sheerani.

The only female member of the council, Dr Sameeha Raheel Qazi, was not present on Wednesday when it was being discussed.

See the world's most powerful passports, sadly, Nigeria's passport not included!

According to statistics shared by the World Economic Forum this morning, these are the countries with the world's most powerful passports.. Nigeria's passport is not included.

Girl Who Just Wrote WAEC Electrocuted In Lagos After High Tension Fell On Her [Photos]

On Saturday 21st May 2016, 14-year-old Deborah Faleke was instantly killed after one of the high tension cables that ran above their compound at Fagbeyiro Street in the Alakuko area of Lagos State fell and electrocuted her...

Deborah had concluded sitting for her WAESCCE only weeks ago.

Her father, Pastor Ademola Faleke said:

“On Friday, I went out of Lagos State for a ministration. So, the girl went to stay with her eldest sister on Fagbeyiro Street. That was not her first time.

“I was at Iyana-Ipaja on Saturday on my way back when I was called on the telephone and told about the incident. There was no rainfall. Deborah was not sent on any errand. She was just passing through the gate when the wire fell on her. The marks on her body showed that the wire fell on her head.

“She was rushed to a hospital. The workers there said they did not have adequate equipment. So she was rushed to a second private hospital on Adegbola Street, where she later died. The doctor issued a death certificate to us.

“She just finished secondary school; she was also my interpreter. She was very active in church. I want the electricity distribution company to at least show some concern. My daughter, who is my joy, has been taken away by a careless electrical connection.”

Actor Mike Ezuruonye And Uti Nwachukwu’s Messy Secrets Exposed

A deep secret links Bimbo Manuel, Mike Ezuruonye and Uti Nwachukwu in a new movie titled Breathless. The trio is connected by the unresolved murder of Professor Okpodu’s mistress.

Fingers point in the direction of Ezuruonye and the matter is made worse when the sister to the mistress, Jenny, arrives from the sky to work for Prof Okpodu, in an attempt to blow the evil whirlwind open and avenge her sister’s death. She falls into a lust triangle and becomes the trigger for an almighty feud between Nwachukwu and Ezuruonye.

The movie climaxes when it exposes minute-by-minute the messy secrets.

Ezuronye stars as Ben (Okpodu’s biological son), Bimbo Manuel (Professor Okpodu), Uti Nwachukwu as Priye (adopted son), Brycee Bassey (Jenny), Bobby Michaels (detective) and John Njamah as Kwame.

The film was directed by Charles Uwagbai, who had previously directed Okoro The Prince, Black Sillhuoete and Drive.

The movie will debut in cinemas on July 1, 2016.

Female Bayero University student commits suicide because of late course registration [Photo]

A female student in the Department of Library Science, Faculty of Education, Bayero University Kano (BUK), Sarah Imoleaya Ighidabo, has ended her life by drinking Sniper.

She left a suicide note saying that she has failed to meet a dateline for the registration of an elective course.

In the note she said, “I will not apply for course suspension my academics is all I live for, if I can’t get it right, fuck existing.”

Sarah, from Edo State, failed an elective course unit in the faculty of sciences after missing examinations and was made to repeat the course. She had passed all her major courses in Library Science, but by missing registration of her elective course, it meant that she was not enrolled for the course during the semester and had to retake the course next year.

However, on Thursday May 12, 2016, the deceased went to the faculty’s office to see if anything could be done about her case, but she found out that it was too late to make any amends.

Consequently, she became restless, left the office and descended the stairs to where she had kept her bag. There, she was said to have written a suicide note and brought out a container of Sniper insecticide used mostly in driving away soil borne pests and drank it. She left her mobile phone, charger, suicide note, her bag and the container under the staircase and returned to the office.

A source in the Computer Science Department told Daily Trust that soon after the student was told that her registration for the course was incomplete due to a late registration, she left the office without talking to anybody.

The source added that it seemed the student had already planned the suicide even before she encountered some challenges in the process of her registration.

“She drank the insecticide under the staircase and left the container, her handbag, phone charger and other belongings in a hidden corner,” the source said.

“When she returned to the office, she began to complain of a chest pain and, in no time, she lost her consciousness. She was then rushed to the university clinic.

“But the problem was beyond the university clinic and she was taken to AKTH (Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital) and that was where she died,” said the source.
Immediately after the incidence occurred, the news went round the campuses and sent the faculty into a state of shock.

Daily Trust gathered that by the time that the news of her death filtered out, the empty container of the Sniper, her handbag, registration forms, bank payment receipts and phone charger were discovered by some students under the staircase.

The registration forms contained her name, registration number (Edu/12/LIS/00195), mode of entry, which is Direct Entry (DE), date of birth (01/01/1970), local government of origin (Etsako East local government) and her state of origin, Edo State.

The forms also contained her home address (Yelwa Television, Kaduna), her marital status, (single) and her next of kin.

Philomena Umoru was stated as her mother’s name. She resides in the same area in Kaduna.

The student’s payment form of N29, 000 in the First Bank of Nigeria, Kuje branch, also contained her phone number and email address.

On the top of the form and at its bottom, a hand writing indicating: “Library & Information Science LIS4205,” was seen.

At the back of one of the two forms, the student wrote a message that read: “I will not apply for course suspension. My academic is all I live for. If I can’t get it right, fuck existing.”

Daily Trust learnt that a similar message was found in her room outside the campus.

Watch A Muslim Man Beat His Wife Just Because She Joined in His Singing [Shocking Video]

Watch A Muslim Man Beat His Wife Just Because She Joined in His Singing  ...This is inhuman i must confess...

They said Islamic Sharia law allows a man to beat his woman because as he beats her he teaches her and therefore respects her…Click HERE and watch the Video

Saudi man shoots doctor who assisted his wife delivery because he may have seen her naked [Photo]

A Saudi man was arrested after he shot a male obstetrician, arguing that he had no right to assist his wife’s delivery and that a woman gynecologist should have been around.

Dr Muhannad Al Zabn, who has a Jordanian father and a Saudi mother, delivered the baby one month ago at the King Fahad Medical City in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

The man, who has not been named, is believed to have wanted a female doctor to deliver the baby and was upset that the male doctor would have seen his wife naked.

According to media reports, the father went to the hospital and told the doctor he wanted to see him to thank him for helping his wife with the delivery of the baby, Saudi news site Sabq reported on Thursday.

The two met in the garden of the hospital and during the conversation, the shooter took out a gun he had concealed under his clothes and fired at the doctor.

As the Saudi father fled the scene, medics rushed the victim to the emergency department then to the intensive care unit. The shooter was later arrested by the police. Bassam Al Buraikan, the spokesperson for the hospital confirmed the incident, saying that a doctor was shot and that his condition was now stable.

Gulf News

Saudi cleric bans people from taking pictures with cats

A prominent Saudi cleric has banned people from taking pictures posing with cats , claiming it is "too Western" to do so.

Sheikh Saleh Bin Fawzan Al-Fazwan made the comments on a TV broadcast.He claimed that being pictured next to cats, dogs or other animals isn't allowed in the ultra conservative Islamic country.
According to the Sheikh, the ban is in place to stop people from taking part in the "trend to be more Western".

Sheikh Saleh Bin Fawzan Al-Fazwan, a member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, said in the broadcast that he was told about “a new trend of taking pictures with cats has been spreading among people who want to be like Westerners", reports Newsweek.

    He replied: “What?! What do you mean pictures with cats? Taking pictures is prohibited. The cats don’t matter here.“Taking pictures is prohibited if not for a necessity. Not with cats, not with dogs, not with wolves, not with anything.

Photos: Beauty Queen & Face of Idoma 2015/16 Ashley Mariam Yusuf survives a terrible road accident

Queen Ashley Mariam Yusuf, Face Of Idoma 2015/16 under Agila Carnival, was involved in a horrifying road accident on Lafia - Akwanga road in Nassarawa State on Tuesday 24th May 2016, while traveling from Abuja to Benue State for her Project to feed 500 Orphans on Children's Day.

According to reports, She was unconscious for a while and after she regained consciousness she narrated what she remembered. The driver of the vehicle which she boarded for her journey - 'Benue Links' with Registration no: MKD-270 XA, was driving at an overwhelming speed.

The Passengers kept on cautioning him but he persisted until one of the tyres pulled out and the car somersaulted.

The car was said to have somersaulted four times before landing on it's back. The trapped passengers were quickly rescued by other vehicles plying the same route and rushed to the emergency ward of the nearest hospital for treatment. Queen Ashley sustained severe injuries and was having excruciating pains.

She received treatment, is recuperating speedily and has promised that her event will still hold today. See more photos below...

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