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The Real Reason David Cameron Quit Revealed !!!

The real reason UK prime minister David Cameron called it quits has been revealed..

Before Friday’s shock Brexit referendum result, UK Prime Minister David Cameron dismissed any suggestion he would resign — but once the Leave vote came through he called it quits within hours.

Mr Cameron chose to end his six years at Downing St rather than begin the mammoth task of untangling the UK from the EU. He promised he would be gone by the Conservative Party conference in October.

Many speculated he would have to go because a Leave vote would have trashed his authority, but details have emerged Mr Cameron made the dramatic decision because he didn’t want to have to do the hard work in divorcing his country from the EU, only to have his replacement then step in and take control.

The Sun reported a teary-eyed PM told his inner-circle: “Why should I do all the hard s**t for someone else, just to hand it over to them on a plate?”

He made the extraordinary statement to his advisers, with wife Samantha present, before he spoke to the country about his decision to quit.

According to The Sun, the staff — many who had been with him since he became Conservative leader 11 years ago and followed him to Downing St — were in tears but were happy their boss had at least gone out “with dignity”.

Isaac Fayose writes an open letter to his brother, Ayo Fayose: 'The God of 2006 is not dead'

This is the open letter Isaac Fayose, brother to Ekiti State governor allegedly wrote to him reminding him that the God of 2006 is not dead and would fight for him

Read the emotional letter below

Dear Brother/Father,

I am writing you this letter to encourage, strengthen and remind you of this verse of the Holy Bible that says, “If God be with us, who can be against us?” As you read this letter, I pray it gives you strength and courage. I want you to know that I am with you at this time of trouble and that this turbulence is a stepping stone to a higher level in life for you.

Travelling through time, a decade ago, at this exact date, I can remember a time like this, When it was a period of turbulence for a great man I have always looked up to and admired. A man of courage, with strength as an eagle, bold as a lion, a man of great dignity and integrity.

I remember June 24, 2006, exactly 10 years today. You were falsely accused of Poultry Project Fund mismanagement and murder. You left the government house on October 16, 2006.

But, God was with you. He confused your adversaries and vindicated you from the hands of vicious and political extremists.

This same God is not dead and he is still there for you. After 8 years, which connotes the year of Ascension, God gave you the staff and placed you on that same mantle on the same date you left the government House (October 16, 2014) against all odds.

Yet again! Another turbulence. I want “YOU” to know that God of little David that killed Goliath is still with “US”. Yes! Things might seem a little rough now, but remember your name “PETER” and what it stands for…

You shall overcome with “VICTORY” as always. This battle shall pass in no time. The enemies you see now, you shall see them no more and at the end, we shall return all Glory to God.

When God is about to take you to a greater level, everything goes crazy. People will disappoint you. Friends go against you, and then you will be left all alone. In that very moment, God will be your only source and he alone will take the glory.

Your enemies tried but could not stand the power you carry. You are far stronger than they are and this is why they are petrified at the rumbling of your voice. ‘The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a Lion’ – Proverbs 28:1.

Think about it, “If God be with us, who can be against us?” Think about how empowering that is! Let that power infuse you, let it pour liquid steel through your spine. You have got the power, you can fight, and you will win.

Though, I am not there with you, you are always on my mind and I remember you in my prayers at all times. You can beat this. I know it, I see the warrior within you. You are a fighter.

God will continuously be with you and take care of you.

I love you, brother.

Your Brother and Son,

Isaac Fayose

Man Collapses in the Toilet After Hanging Out With This Mysterious Babe In The Club

Guys, if you have the habit of picking random ladies in clubs and buying them beer, be very careful or you will end up counting losses.

This man reportedly spotted a hot lady in a Nairobi club and started enjoying a drink with her not knowing that she was preying on men with the aim of spiking their drinks.

According to those who know him, he had shared the photo with the girl on his social media page last night telling the world he was enjoying himself. By this morning, the photos and news of him lying down in the club's toilet had gone viral

She is believed to have spiked his drink before stealing his valuables. The lady is currently being wanted.

See photos that is going round on social media below..


Photos: Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu marries Ijeoma Eze

Nollywood actor Kalu Ikeagwu married his woman, makeup artist Ijeoma Eze, got married yesterday 25th June, 2016. The couple had their introduction in November 2015 at the bride’s hometown in Enugu state. Congratulations to the Couple. See more photos below

Photo Credit: Instagram | nse_e & onalizing 

Photos: "I prayed for him to die" - Nigerian woman writes as her son turns 18 [Must Read]

A Nigerian woman known as Nneka Anyachebelu took to Facebook to celebrate her only son who turned 18 yesterday, June 24.  In the post she talked about her trails and tribulations concerning her son who suffered from autism. Read the post below.

"I PRAYED FOR HIM TO DIE. Dont judge me, wait untill you hear me out.#‎Dilemma‬#Myonlyson#Autism#nohope#prayernotanswered#gaveupthefight# He was a healthy awesome child when I had him but by age 2 we noticed there was something wrong. There was no eye contact, he could not talk, didnt understand instructions, and so many other bad vibes. 
 That was when my nightmare started. I ran from pillar to post seeking solution. In some places they said he was partially deaf at others they said it was Autism. Up untill then I never heard the word Autism. The information I got about it was frightening and I saw those signs clearly in my son. 
 My life stood still. No school would take him in as he couldnt settle. Finally and luckily an Indian lady with a nursery school took him in, but my heart broke the Day I went to pick him up from school and asked her politely how he was doing. Her response was i don't know what to do with him. Am just a teacher not a psychiatrist. I cried all the way home. Thoughts bombarded my mind. Worst of all there was no answer to the tormenting thoughts. 
An only son, Autism, was it generational? Or the devil? No answer! Up untill then I was having a swell time living my life to the fullest.. But with this dilemma I crawled to God .I attended every Christian gathering, crusade, vigils; just name it. I prayed; prayed , cried, fasted , sowed seeds but nothing happened. The years went by and it seemingly got worst.
People were begining to notice there was a problem I couldnt hide it any more. (By the way, dont try hidding your shame if God doesnt hide it you can't hide it)
 My husband was tired. My mother who was perpetually encouraging me was tired, I was tired, exhausted and tired of casting, binding, fighting and faithing, so I prayed for Him to die so I could move on with my life.
 (I wanted a short cut) 
He didn't die instead he grew. Seeing God wasn't ready to take him I went back to God again in prayer, I repented and continued from where I stopped .Running from pillar to post, church to church.
 At one church I was told to go on one week dry fast with consistent midnight prayers. At midnight when I came down to pray I was usually afraid. One night as I came down for the prayer routine, I heard a voice say to me how can you be praying and afraid. You are afraid because you do not know the God you are praying to.
At that point I packed up and went on a quest to know this GOD!I stayed alone for 2weeks with only one prayer point. ( God if you are real let me know you.). I spent more time within those weeks studying the Word of God , and through the pages of the Bible I came to know this GOD. After that 2weeks of word immersion I had peace like I never had since the ordeal started. The burden for my son to speak or get normal left me. I was just at peace with God and the World.
About 3weeks later we travelled to England on Holiday. We were in a shop on Oxford street when my son that had never spoken came to me tapped me and asked me a question. 
His first words to me were where is kamsy? He was asking for His older sister.
 That was how my son started talking. One thing led to another; he started doing things he couldnt do and like magic caught up with his age mates.
 It was like Magic! No Miracle.! Today I celebrate God as He turns 18.
 There is nothing we dont talk about now. From His school work to the Girls that likes him and the ones He likes, lol.. Sometimes I even scold him that he talks too much, correcting him that as a gentleman he shouldnt talk much. How we so quickly forget...smh...
I cant thank God enough for him. Through my trial with him, I was reconnected back to God, I found my purpose in Life, and my ministry was birthed.(That is another story for another Day). I encourage you today in your own trial to fight on. No short cut.
God has not disappeared, take your eyes off your problem (if you can) Seek Him and He will do the needful plus much more m still praying... During my prayers today


Photos: This Young lady allegedly turns into a cat in Ibadan

According to the Head of News at Fresh 105.9 FM, Ibadan, Samson Akindele, this young lady turned into a cat and was found inside a store of a house at Ringroad area of Ibadan, Oyo state last Tuesday.

He shared the photos above and wrote

    This girl was said to have transformed from a cat into a human being at dawn today. She was allegedly found as a cat in the store of a house at Ringroad area in Ibadan.

     It reportedly transformed into a girl before it could be killed. She smelled like an animal and passed heavily smelly animal faeces and urine with equally strong foul odour that could not be said to be of human origin. I'm still unable to eat as result of the choking smell that pervaded the community. It's one of the most scary reportorial assignments for me. Does anyone still believe in earthly mysteries and secrets? This is strange, but could it be true?.

More photos...

WOW! Excited lady goes flat on the floor after her boyfriend proposed to her [PHOTOS]

The photo was shared by her friend on IG. She must have been really excited.

Checkout This Provocative Marketing Strategy by Techno Mobile [PHOTOS+ VIDEO]

Explicit dance marketing SKILLS

Techno Mobile has chosen to toe the line of Airtel who sometime ago did something as outrageous as this. They hired girl to dance seductively and suggestively in other to market their products.

Photos and Video when you continue:

"Why didn't you touch me" - Girl asks boy who helped her after their encounter

This is the conversation between a boy and girl after he helped her but didn't ask for anything in return even sex when she came to visit him

Read the rest of the conversation below

Doctor accidentally chopped off man's testicle and threw it in bin

A surgeon was struck off after he mistakenly lopped off a man's testicle and tried to cover it up - by telling him it was very small.

Dr Marwan Farouk was supposed to repair a hernia and remove a cyst from his patient at the private BMI Chiltern Hospital in Buckinghamshire in April 2014.

But instead, he removed the entire right testicle and told staff to chuck it away - before refusing to tell the patient.
The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service ruled on Wednesday that Farouk had been misleading or dishonest.

He told theatre staff to "chuck" the specimen or words to that effect before discarding it in the sharps bin.

Then, during a post-operative consultation with the unnamed patient on April 30, 2014, he covered his tracks by telling him: "You have a small right testicle but it won't give you any problems."

Farouk admitted during the hearing that he had removed the testicle.

The ruling told him: "As an experienced surgeon, even on a cursory examination, you must have recognised the specimen for what it was.


Mum Who Posed indecently With Her Son Comes Under Fire [Graphic Photo]

This Instagram User shared this photo of herself in the nude while cradling her 10 year old son and most people find it inappropriate.

Do you agree?

See more reactions below

Woman Murders Her Husband For Cheating, Dumps His Body in a River in Benue State

A lecturer of the College of Education Oju in Benue state, Mr. Godwin Abuul, has been confirmed dead after his wife allegedly confessed to murdering him with her brothers after which they threw his corpse into a river .

An insider revealed that Abuul was murdered by his wife and her brothers during a domestic tussle following claims that he was cheating on his wife. Afterwards, they dumped his remains in the River Katsina/Ala.

Here’s what the source close to the family told Vanguard:

    “Goddy used to lecture at the College of Education in Oju. He travels weekly from here in Gboko to Oju to lecture after which he returns to Gboko to spend his weekend with his wife and two children.
    Unfortunately, two weeks ago he returned from Oju and said he was traveling to Katsina/Ala on a private visit, that was the last we heard of him. “His disappearance was reported to the Police who since then have been combing the entire state in search of his whereabouts.
    Luckily, just two days ago, the cloth he wore the last day anybody saw him was found with a young man who was immediately arrested by the Police in Gboko.
    Upon interrogation the young man confessed to the Police how the missing lecturer was allegedly killed by his wife in connivance with her siblings.
    His confession triggered the arrest of several persons including the wife of the deceased and mother of his two children and all those mentioned in the saga, by the Police in Gboko, though the matter has been transferred to the Command Headquarters in Makurdi for further investigations.
    Already his wife has confessed all she knew about the matter to the Police. We learned that she alleged that her brothers beat her husband up because he was involved in extra marital affairs, but not with the intention to kill him.
    After killing him, they allegedly dumped his body in River Katsina/Ala and also went ahead to sell his Honda car to an innocent buyer for the sum of N650,000 and of that sum, the wife of the murdered lecturer was given the sum of N400, 000 as her share of the proceed.
    As I speak with you, the Police and local divers are still combing River Katsina/Ala to locate the remains of the Goddy (the deceased) but we very much doubt if his remains would be seen because the fishes must have feasted on it.”

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Assistant Superintendent, ASP, Moses Yamu , said,

“yes I know of the matter but I’m yet to get the full details of the matter from the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, because the suspects are yet to arrive Makurdi. At this moment I cannot confirm that the wife of the deceased was behind his murder until the details are made available to me.”

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