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Tax fraud: Barcelona Star Lionel Messi faces 22 months jail term if guilty

Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi and his father Jorge are to stand trial on three counts of tax fraud that could carry prison sentences, a Spanish court confirmed on Thursday.

In a court filing, the judge in charge of the case rejected a request by the public prosecutor to try only the footballer’s father.

The pair were accused in 2013 of defrauding the taxman out of 4.16 million euros ($4.69 million) in taxes related to Messi’s image rights between 2007 and 2009 through the creation of fake companies in Belize and Uruguay.

It is alleged they ceded the player’s image rights to the companies in order to avoid declaring money made from lucrative deals with sponsors in Spain.

No date has been set for the trial, which will take place in Vilanova i la Geltru, the town where the player lives 50 kilometres south of Barcelona.

Prosecutors had asked for the case against the four-time World Player of the Year to be dropped as they consider the alleged fraud was carried out by his father, who has managed his son’s affairs since he was a child.

They asked for Jorge Messi to be handed an 18-month prison sentence and a fine of half the defrauded amount.

However, lawyers acting on behalf of the tax authorities pleaded for the player also to be tried and for both defendants to face a seven-and-a-half month prison sentence for each individual charge, which could lead to an overall sentence of over 22 months.

In any case, both are unlikely to end up in jail as sentences of less than two years are normally suspended for first time offences in Spain.

“There are rational signs that the criminality was committed by both accused parties,” the judge said in the filing.

 Trial and injury woe

Both father and son at first denied the accusations and laid the blame on a former financial advisor. However, Jorge Messi subsequently claimed he was in charge of his son’s finances and pleaded for charges against the player to be dropped.

Jorge Messi also made a corrective payment of five million euros in August 2013 to cover alleged unpaid taxes plus interest, which should mitigate any sentence.

Messi, 28, is the fourth richest sportsman in the world, according to Forbes magazine, which estimates he earns almost $74 million a year.

He is widely expected to add a record fifth Ballon d’Or for the world’s best player to his collection on January 11 after leading Barca to a treble of Champions League, La Liga and Copa del Rey titles last season.

However, the trial is just the latest blow for the Argentine, who will be out of action for another six weeks with knee ligament damage suffered in Barca’s 2-1 win over Las Palmas on September 26.

The injury has also forced him to miss the start of Argentina’s World Cup qualifying campaign at home to Ecuador on Thursday.

On the pitch Barca have struggled without their talisman as the Catalans squeezed past Las Palmas and Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 before losing 2-1 at Sevilla on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a separate investigation is being carried out in Barcelona that could lead to another tax fraud case against Messi related to a number of charity matches in aid of his foundation which were played in South America in 2012 and 2013.

Messi is just one of a number of high profile footballers in Spain under scrutiny from the tax authorities for the management of their image rights.

His Barcelona and Argentina teammate Javier Mascherano will also face trial on October 29 far failing to declare 1.5 million euros by ceding his image rights to companies he owns in Portugal and the United States.

Breaking News: Tribunal sacks Senator Kashamu & six others in Ogun, ordered for fresh election

The Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Ogun state has sacked Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial district, Senator Buruji Kashamu a member of House of Representatives from Ijebu East /Ijebu North /Ogun waterside, Adekoya Adesegun and five members of the state assembly over non-compliance of electoral law.

The tribunal has therefore ordered a fresh election in the areas affected.

More Details soon

Source: Vanguard

SHOCKING!! This pretty Lady Died After Undergoing plastic surgery to enlarge her Buttocks

This pretty lady above is a young Colombian mother who died after plastic surgery to enlarge her bottom went wrong and she was abandoned by doctors at A&E

. Angie Carolina Mendoza, 23, died from a massive heart attack following a botched operation in Barranquilla, in Atlantico, north-east Colombia.

When medics at the plastic surgery clinic realised that something had gone wrong, they drove Ms Mendoza to the local hospital before fleeing the scene.

Ms Mendoza, who is survived by her one-year-old daughter and husband James Jimenez Polo, 30, had reportedly not told her family about the surgery.

After visiting the amateur plastic surgery clinic in Barranquilla in secret, she booked herself in for a bottom enlargement and met her untimely death.

Sunday Oliseh finally speaks on his face-off with Vincent Enyeama

Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh has finally told his own side of story regarding the issues he had with goal keeper, Vincent Enyeama, which saw Enyeama leaving the camp in Belgium yesterday Oct. 8th and quitting the team. In an interview with NFF's media officer, Oluwatoyin Ibitoye, Oliseh said
"Its puzzling really because it because to say the least I am very hurt, I am very disappointed at the character assassination that Vincent has taken on my personality as regards this issue. If you want to retire, retire. You don't have to drag and lie and insult somebody who did nothing. I will take you down to when this thing. We called everybody to camp We invited 24 players and most of the players, infact even Mikel came in on SundayNight. He was supposed to be here on Monday which was very good. and most of the players came in on Monday but I knew Vincent had gone for the burial ceremony of his mum,  that he might come in late.
He came into camp on Tuesday afternoon by 5.20 or 5.30, just as the training was almost over he drove in from the airport and there are even pictures that we snapped of me hugging him because I was happy to see him back in camp. But when we trained that Tuesdayafternoon, I wasn't happy with the physical involvement and input of my players so we had dinner and I spoke to the players and made it clear to them that  I wasn't happy and that I needed an improvement for us to play more as a team and that we deserved better and I could see the body language of the players that they were very receptive and were conscious of what it was.  Only for me at the end of my speech for me to go to my seat to sit down, was for Vincent to stand up to say he wanted to say something and I told him, look this is not the time to say anything because we just had a discussion about how to improve, we will discuss personal issues after. He said no he wanted to say something and I refused and said No i don't want you to say anything. Please sit down, later you can come to me, we could sought whatever it is out. He said No and he was adamant he wanted to say something. So I told him with all dues respect, this is the Super Eagles and I am the coach. We are not going to have two coaches. I decide who talks and when to talk at a meeting and at the moment I am telling you no. If you refuse to do what I am saying then it is better you go out. He was still adamant and trying to raise his voice and then I said it is either you go out or we leave the room for you or I will get you to be taken out because you are stopping the team from even having dinner and eventually his team mates got up and took him out and said hey come off it Vincent. At one point I told him, its either you stop this now or you can go back home and when he continued I gave him a handshake and told him Now you can go home. I have released you. You just came in, you have not even trained and you are already looking for an argument or problem and so I told him go home. because he had not even had any training session. So I went to my room and 5 of his colleagues Mikel, Emenike, Musa Onazi and Echejile, came to me and said coach we have spoken to him and he is aware. We know him sometimes he talks before he thinking. I said okay he can stay, we are trying to build a team, you can sty. The next morning he came, everything was settled, we ate breakfast. As we were about to go for training, I received a message from back home where Vincent had insinuated publicly that I had insulted the memory of his mother when I spoke to the team and this was really hurtful and a blatant lie and I find it quite, with all due respect, insane because you can't make an accusation, a false accusation when there are so many witnesses as much as 19 players, 3 other officials and there was no reason to talk about your mum because you were just coming into camp. There was nothing to talk about you. So to now try to make a character assassination and try to like make the people sympathize with the fact that he was mistreated against his mum. He was the captain of this team. When we played in Tanzania, I called the team administrator, Dayo, and we had arranged for the team to wear a black band and to have one minute of silence before we play in Tanzania in honor of Vincent's dead mum. The only reason why that was not done was because Dayo came back and said they refused us because we had to have a request for it. CAF made out and the time was too short. So how would a man that is sensitive enough to try to honor Vincent Enyeama's mum now try to insult his mum"he said
According to Sunday Oliseh, before he was appointed coach of the Super Eagles, Vincent Enyeama had a big rift with the NFF. He reacted to insinuations that he never wanted Vincent to be captain of the super eagles during his tenure hence he never carried him, Vincent.
"Listen, before I was appointed coach of Super Eagles, Vincent Enyeama had a big rift with the NFF concerning the statements he made concerning the pitch in Kaduna. I was not yet a coach. I was in Nigeria and I stood up for Vincent because I felt that he shouldn't be castigated for representing his team mates. When I was appointed as Chief coach of Super Eagles, the first thing I did was to pick up my car very early in the morning, drove and spent a whole day watching Vincent train, took him to Lunch which I paid for. I had Lunch with him to intimate him with my plansto build the team with him as captain of the team. When I spoke to him, I spoke to him about the tactical things we wanted to change the policy changes we wanted to make like you do with a captain. When I spoke to him then, he made one statement. He was talking about retiring in a year or two years time and I told him, Vincent, I am trying to build a team till 2018. I don't need a captain who is thinking of retiring or who is planning for after football while we were preparing and nobody does that in football. You wait till your last game or your last match then you announce retirement. Let this be out of the agenda. Two weeks ago to this time, Vincent called me to discuss about the funeral arrangements for the Mum and I told him its saddening what has happened to you but I cant be available because of some other reasons but I have spoken to the NFF president and he was going with a delegation. He said he will be there so we will be represented and while we were having this discussion he was talking again about retirement. That was when I decided to pick Ahmed Musa as captain because I felt then that he is probably not into it anymore. Personally I don't know Vincent so to carry a grudge against a person that i don't know is..."he said
Watch the interview below...

Man with massive lump on his back needs help [Graphic photos]

Mr. Bemgba Akaayar is a 46 years old peasant farmer who hails from Tombo-Mbalagh, Mbaboor in Binev Council Ward of Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State. He is a diabetic patient who has not even been on drugs for lack of funds. Some ten years ago, he started experiencing an itch between his shoulders, on his back which soon developed into a boil, and as a peasant all he could do was administer local herbs on it, all to no avail.


 The boil eventually degenerated into a large tumor-like hump on poor Mr. Akaayar's back with attendant inflammation and laceration on the head of the hump. His family members, who are themselves peasants as well, watched the victim of this strange ailment helplessly without any financial capability to do anything about his condition, until a kind-hearted woman brought him to Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi sometime in April 2014 to seek medical attention for the ailment for the first time. But there too lack of finances was a stumbling block.

According to medical authorities, the sum of N15,000.00 (fifteen thousand naira) will be required for admission deposit at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH), while N35, 000.00 (thirty five thousand naira) will be needed to conduct a CT Scan on the growth, preparatory to surgery, the cost of which is yet to be determined as well as cost of drugs for the victim.

Donations are therefore, needed from kind-hearted Nigerians to help facilitate a medical solution to the plight of this helpless peasant farmer who has carried the burden of this strange ailment for over ten years now.

For further details and enquiries, please call- 08037858205.

Source: LIB

WOW!!! See What Doctors Removed From The Stomach Of A Nigerian Comedian [Graphic photo]

A Popular Nigerian social media comedian based in Ukrane ran a challenge tagged Common sense. The challenge was for 4 weeks that saw winners emerge every week, with weekly winnings of $500. The first week winner was Thespian_nozy ...

He recently contacted Dr Craze that the money he won saved his life. It was used to remove a mass from his stomach. Find that after the cut,with the message conversation and the contestant post on IG.

Housemaid hand chopped off by female Saudi Arabian employer [Photo]

An Indian housemaid had her hand hacked off allegedly by her female employer in Saudi Arabia and has complained she has been tortured whilst working in Riyadh.

Kasturi Munirathinam, had been earning £150 a month while working as a cleaner for a household in the Saudi capital.

Since she started working in Riyadh, she said she had been tortured and deliberately deprived of food by her employers.Her family said that when Ms Munirathinam tried to escape, her employer decided to punish her and cut off her hand. Her sister, S Vijayakumari told the Press Trust of India..

''Kasturi's employer was angered after she apprised local officials about the harassment she was facing there, she was not even provided food'When she tried to escape harassment and torture, her right hand was chopped off by the woman employer. She fell down and sustained serious spinal injuries,' The incident happened after… she complained about torture and non-payment of wages by her employer.' she said.

The victim told Times of India:

I pleaded with the lady not to harm me but she kicked me, punched me and cut off my arm. I want to go back home. Please help me,,

Nigerian prophet who said PRESIDENT Mugabe would die barred from Zimbabwe

Two Nigerian pastors have been allegedly detained and their leader blocked from entering Zimbabwe over failed prophesy. Zimbabwean News Day reports that ,Chris Okafor who last year prophesied President Robert Mugabe’s death has been barred from entering the country,

Okafor, the leader of the Liberation City World Outreach Ministries, reportedly said in October last year that Zimbabwe would have a new president by March this year.

According to the report, seven members of Okafor’s church had arrived in Zimbabwe on Sunday to prepare for the pastor’s “grand” arrival at a conference convened by local cleric, Joseph Magorimbo.

The report said five of the Nigerians were deported instantly on arrival and the other two, who arrived on a different flight, were allowed into the country. The two were later taken for questioning, as was Magorimbo.

A source privy to the incident told News Day that Magorimbo and the two Nigerians were questioned for five hours, with Magorimbo accused of inviting Okafor.

A source said security agents claimed, “Okafor prophesied something against the president. But they have not said what it is Okafor said”. The source was quoted as saying, “Okafor was supposed to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday), but he has since cancelled the trip”.

Magorimbo, the report said, was later released while the two Nigerians were bundled into a truck and taken to an unknown destination.

Magorimbo’s lawyer, Jonathan Samkange, confirmed that state security agents had quizzed his client and the two Nigerians.

Injured Lionel Messi shares a photo. He's using a compressive device to heal faster

Barcelona player Lionel Messi is on a eight-week injury layoff after injuring his knee. But instead of just waiting around to heal, the player, who is eager to return to the game, is using an equipment to speed up recovery.

He shared a photo on his Facebook page of him sitting on a sofa with a device strapped on to his left knee and revealed that he's using the device called 'Game Ready' to help him 'come back stronger' from his latest injury setback.

AMAZING!!! "At 101, My husband is still a Tiger in bed" -- Says His 95year old wife

Madala Lumnkile Heleni, who claims to be 101, from Motherwell NU10 in Port Elizabeth, SA and his wife Gogo Bekiwe (95), were on Wednesday, October 7, honoured by mayor Danny Jordaan to celebrate the Day of the Elderly. Lumnike Heleni, who has been married to his wife Bekiwe for 66 years, told Daily Sun SA in a recorded interview that the secret to his manhood being able to stay strong was bathing with cold water since his youth days.

"When I graduated from initiation school at the age of 32, the elders told me to bath in the river. The water was icy because it was winter and since then, I’ve always bathed in cold water because it makes me feel fresh." Heleni told the paper.
His wife, Gogo Bekiwe said the father of six, grandfather of 15 and great-grandfather of 16 was still a tiger in bed.

"The cold water makes my manhood very strong. It never fails and in my house there is always peace." Madala also attributed his long life to healthy diet. "I don’t know what diabetes or high blood pressure is. I’ve only been to the doctor twice in my life for back pain. I only get sick if I wash with warm water, which makes me feel weak and tired. I grew up on a farm near Grahamstown and worked there. I still have my own garden and eat traditional food and vegetables. We have been happily married for 66 years now. We only eat samp, umphokoqo and a little bit of meat."
Gogo Bekiwe added. "We only use salt for taste. We don’t like food with cooking oil or too much sugar."

Diezani Alison-Madueke is Seriously Down With Cancer; Family Releases Statement

Family of embattled former Petroleum Resources Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke have opened up on the money laundering allegations against their daughter and wife in London. They described  media reports on the matter as  a “smear campaign.”

In a statement they released yesterday, he family confirmed that the former minister is down with cancer, urging Nigerians to pray for her recovery. Read the statement below:  
1.   In this era of cyber terrorism, decency dictates that one should response to false and defamatory allegations with silence. But there is a limit to how much any reasonable person can bear the tactics of these cyber terrorists. We all know that what makes a lie fly is the little truth contained therein. This happens to be the weapon used by most online news media to feed their weird obsession with defaming highly placed people. 
2.   The Madueke family is appalled at the ongoing media frenzy against Mrs. Diezani
Alison-Madueke by a section of the mass media following an invitation to her by the British authorities last Friday for reasons which have yet to be disclosed. For the avoidance of doubt, the family would like to state categorically that it has no issues with any persons from the family being invited anywhere in the world to answer questions about their private or official conduct. The Madueke family believes in law and order, honour and due process. 
3.   However, it is clear that here is  a deliberate and vicious campaign to demonise members of the Madueke family, with all manner of frivolous allegations. For example, an online news media gleefully published that Mr. Ugonna Madueke “owns at least three properties in the United States.” It even called the properties “POSH” and went on to state the addresses. THEY LIED. 
4.   Mr. Ugonna Madueke has NO PROPERTY ANY WHERE in the United States and has NEVER OWNED ONE. The USA is a country which runs on transparency, accountability and technology. A little honest effort by the online news media would have provided in a few minutes the true ownership of the properties at issue.
5.   For historical accuracy, the Madueke family avers without any fear of contradiction that 11711 Scooter Lane (a three bedroom town house) in Fairfax, Virginia, was acquired by the Madueke family in 1997 when Ugonna was only 10 years old. Ugonna’s siblings lived in this property while attending George Mason University in Virginia, USA. Records available to the appropriate authorities in the United States can also show that 13116 Silver Maple Court in Bowie, Maryland, USA belongs to an uncle of the Madueke siblings and was purchased in 1995 when Ugonna was only 8 years old. As a student of the University of Maryland in 2002, Ugonna stayed with his uncle at the said address. All of this was before Mrs. Diezani was appointed to government office. No Madueke or a distant relation has anything to do with the ownership of No. 4227 Summit Manor Court in Virginia. 
6.   It is evident that what the online news media did was to turn on an internet search engine and maliciously reported that every property where Ugonna Madueke has ever lived in the United States or used as his address must belong to him. The description of the properties as POSH was the icing on the propaganda cake. This is not only unprofessional, as it offends the tenets of journalism, it is clearly not in resonance with good conscience. 
7.   The online news media also reported that Ugonna and his cousins registered a company by name Hadley Petroleum Solutions Limited which they have been using to deal in Nigerian crude oil sales. As young men bubbling with enthusiasm and fantasy, they registered a company but after two years of no jobs, the company folded up. The company never had a bank account, let alone being a trader of Nigeria’s crude oil. They lied.
8.   The online news media took its campaign to the in-laws of the Maduekes. It claimed that Mrs. Beatrice Agama, the 81 year old mother of Mrs. Diezani Madueke, owns a house in the United Kingdom. A LIE! Mrs. Agama has no house or property in the United Kingdom. She has been staying in a rented two-bedroom flat from where she is receiving medical attention for a broken femur. Her son, Timi Agama who has been living in the UK for decades, used to have a house in the UK long before his sister was appointed to government and he sold it long ago. Since then, he has no house in the UK. Archbishop Doye Agama of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress in Manchester, who is in his 60s, is a successful professional and consultant well known amongst his peers, but he does not own Unit 8 Quebec Building in Manchester which the online newspaper ascribed to him.
9.   As though to outdo the sensational allegations in the online publication, the mainstream media in Nigeria has been alleging that Mrs. Diezani attempted to purchase a property on Hyde Park Street in London for a whooping amount which embarrassingly ranges from 12.5 million sterling pounds to 13 billion sterling pounds. This claim is utterly false and laughable, for  the amounts mentioned are only in the imagination of the reporters. This property is quite popular. It belongs to a well-known eminently successful Nigerian entrepreneur who would also find this allegation embarrassing as the intention to sell the property has neither been contemplated nor disclosed to any person.
10.    It is worthy to note that despite all the frenzy over Mrs. Diezani Madueke, not even one reporter or journalist has tried to contact the family to verify any of the rumors they have published with reckless abandon. This may be because they know the stories are false but it feeds the mood of the moment. Hence, the silence from Diezani all along. It is worth emphasising that Mrs Alison-Madueke was never arrested or detained and her passport was never seized. She was merely invited, and she honoured it promptly.
11.               The Madueke family, like most other families, have their own challenges. For instance, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke has been receiving treatment for cancer in the UK which started while she was in office. The health crisis has unfortunately exacerbated in recent times. She completed months of chemotherapy just last week and she is scheduled to undergo surgery next week in London. The family has been bearing this challenge with prayers and as much grace and fortitude as possible; and would plead with all reasonable Nigerians to pray for her recovery so that she can face this allegation and give account of her stewardship. Yes, she can—and very well, too.
12.               The Madueke and Agama families would want the decent public to know that neither Ugonna nor Somze or Abiye or anyone related to the two families was picked up or arrested or invited for questioning by anybody whatsoever. Ugonna’s father (the Rear Admiral) has been in Lagos and working in his office. The lies about his having travelled with a team of lawyers should please stop. The Madueke family has taken a decision on how to appropriately deal with those who are on a mission to soil their hard earned family name.

Signed for and on behalf of the Madueke and Agama families.
Barrister Oscar M. Onwudiwe.
Legal Attorney

He Broke Up with his Abuja Girlfriend & Married a Girl from his Village cos Abuja Gf Demanded Too Much Money

Story as shared on Facebook, Humans of Abuja. He used to have nothing except his Abuja girlfriend. Then money came and first thing he did was dump her for a girl in his village. Read the story below...


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