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Heartbreaking!!! Photos of the 4 Year Old Boy That Died In The Kaduna Plane Crash

Jesse was one of the victims! He is Hadizas son( Hassanas younger sister) he went to spend the holiday in kaduna with Hassana and her family and she was bringing him back to Abuja that Saturday to his parents...

He was 4 years old!
He was the first son of Mr Gabriel and Hadiza Ajane!! May God comfort the family especially Hadiza who lost a sister and a son! Handsome boy! May his gentle soul rest in peace,Amen!

“When never I Feel Tempted To "Do it" WITH ANOTHER MAN, I just Hug My BIBLE" – Married Actress Says

Nollywood actress, Damilola Adegbite Attoh,  recently made an hilarious confession of how she handles the tempting cute men that come her way.

The beautiful mother of one shared this suggestive meme  on her Instagram page and she hilariously wrote;

“I will go back to my room, lock the door, throw the key out the window and hug my bible till I fall asleep again. They definitely sent him.”

“Dammy”, as she is fondly called has a son, Brian, with her husband, Chris Attoh.

16 Year old Girl fakes Her Pregnancy with TRIPLETS for 10 months with help of a website

A 16-year-old Michigan girl was able to fake that she was pregnant to family and friends for ten months., and even tripled-down on the lie by saying she had triplets.

The unidentified teenager from Wyandotte, a suburb of Detroit, used a website called fakeababy.com to trick those around her into believing the ruse and reportedly giving her thousands of dollars in gifts.

Fake pregnancy bellies are available for $149 as well as a litany of other fake items including fake ultrasounds, which a Facebook user on a group for the mothers of triplets soon realized were not real.

When confronted, the teenager broke down and told detectives that she had lost her baby at six weeks, according to Fox2 Detroit.
The fake young mother had even named her children and held a baby shower where she received more gifts than she could open....

BREAKING NEWS: Vandals kill 4 policemen in Lagos,escape with Their corpses

Tragedy struck on Monday on Ishawo Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State, after some Ijaw youths, suspected to be pipeline vandals, opened fire on policemen in the area, killing four.

PUNCH Metro learnt that while three of the deceased were attached to the Owutu Police Division, one was from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.Residents said the Ijaw youths took away the corpses of three of their victims.

Our correspondent observed during a visit to the area that there was apprehension in the community, while there were still bloodstains at the scene of the shooting.

A resident told our correspondent petrol was generally referred to as ‘water’, or ‘pure water’.
He said, 
“We started hearing gunshots in the evening of Sunday. But it was between 3am and 4am on Monday that the gunshots intensified.

“We did not know what transpired between the ‘pure water’ sellers and the police, who have a patrol team by the roadside, until we woke up to see blood and later learnt that some policemen had been killed.”
Another member of the community explained that the killing was due to a disagreement between the policemen and the suspected vandals.
He said the vandals had paid the policemen some money after they intercepted four tankers of fuel in the community, but the SARS officers later came to make a separate demand.
“After the policemen from Owutu had been settled, SARS operatives came and said they had not been given their own share.
“The vandals asked them to meet their colleagues who had already been paid. They told the SARS men that they were not making much money from the business and that their demand was excessive.
“The SARS officers became angry and seized the tankers.”
PUNCH Metro learnt from a police source that the vandals left the trucks and returned to their commander in the creek.

The source said the commander, one OC, was the one coordinating the vandals in the creek.
The source said, 
“After SARS officials took over their trucks, they threatened to take them to their station if their demands were not met. The vandals went to mobilise themselves and returned with their boss, OC.
OC then ordered them to open fire on the policemen and that was how three of them died.”
The source identified the deceased cops attached to the Owutu division as Inspector Yerima and Corporal Adakuro, adding that one Sergeant Endurance was rescued from the scene and taken to the Ikorodu General Hospital, from where he was referred to the Lagos Island General Hospital.

He said the station immediately received a call from two other officers, who escaped unhurt, warning of the possibility of an attack on the station.

A source told PUNCH Metro that one of the slain cops, Adakuro, was of Ijaw descent, and knew many of the vandals.

It was learnt that the police corporal had called the bluff of the vandals, which aggravated the matter.

His handset, which had the phone numbers of the vandals, was said to have been taken away after the incident.

It was gathered that the Divisional Police Officer of the Owutu station had reported the case at the command headquarters.The two policemen, who escaped unhurt, were also asked to report at the command.A senior police source said, 
“The DPO reported to the CP this morning (Monday). The community has always been peaceful, but the SARS men came to cause trouble. And now, some of our men are unaccounted for.”

First Photo of Flavour and Ex Beauty Queen Anna Ebiere's daughter

The ex beauty queen welcomed a baby girl last month .To mark her first month on earth,the proud mom shared the pic today and wrote"

 For God Almighty has blessed me with not just a beautiful child, but with an everlasting happiness!! I call her my one true love! She's my everything. I thank you Father for blessing us with this beautiful sunshine! My tiny lil angel is one month today.. #proudmother #Godisawesome #thankful

AMAZING!! Adamawa Gov. appoints man as Commissioner for Women Affairs?

That is according to journalist, Bashir Ahmad.........

Enugu Police command faults DSS claims, says no Boko haram member was arrested in Enugu

The Enugu state police command has faulted claims by the Department of State Security DSS that some Boko Haram members were arrested in Enugu state recently.

DSS had released a statement on Sunday August 30th, stating that it had arrested some frontline Boko Haram members in Lagos, Plateau, Gombe, Kano and Enugu state.

DSS in the statement said 12 Boko haram members were arrested in Lagos state while three were arrested in Enugu, Gombe and Kano.

However, spokesman of the Enugu State Police Command, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, says no investigation nor arrest of any member of Boko haram sect has been carried out by the command

“There is no case of Boko Haram investigated by the command, neither was there any arrest by the command. Meanwhile, the command is relying on the already established proactive measures which have so far kept the state and its environs safe,” he told Punch

OMG!! Five people killed by gunmen on their way to a market in Plateau State [Photos]

The story as narrated by Minority Report NG. It happens around 8am yesterday August 31st, 5 indigenes of Tanti in Bokkos LGA of Plateau State, comprising of 3 men and two women set out to Mai Katako market in Bokkos. One of the women had her 3 month old baby with her.

The group was attacked before they got to the market. The gunmen shot the 5 adults and the baby and hacked the faces of the adults with machetes. According to him, the baby survived and is currently receiving proper medical attention in a hospital. See photos of those slaughtered below

Monday, August 31, 2015

Huddah Monroe Replies A Married Senator Who Wants To Marry Her

Former BBA star, Huddah Monroe is back on the news again, and this time she replied a married senator who apparently wants to marry her.

The ever controversial star took a screenshot of the story and posted it on Instagram with a caption you just need to see below:


The caption reads:
Niggas like this one can get you killed LOL! No married men in this ZONE! I'm too demanding to be anyone's Second wife or side chick.

President Buhari should invite looters for talks so they can return the loot- Okogie

Ex President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, advised President Muhammadu Buhari, to invite suspected looters of the country’s treasury for talks.

He said that since the President is working to retrieve looted funds, he advised the president that it would be easier if looters were allowed to return their loot without castigating them publicly.
Okogie, said:
“I agree with the National Peace Committee that the President should tread softly and should set criteria that he is going to use. Corruption is endemic in Nigeria. That is why they are asking for caution: ‘Look at it properly,’” he said.
The cleric urged President Buhari to invite those suspected to have looted government treasury “to speak to their conscience.”
He said that it would be difficult for the government to retrieve the loot as the suspects would use their financial resources to create legal hurdles for their prosecutors.
Okogie said:
“People like that, when they go to court, they don’t look right and left before they do things. If I have a man like that and I know he has the money, I will weigh the options; ‘will it profit the nation if I take this man to court. If I take him to court, he is going to get a lawyer. The lawyer will be employed with part of the money I am looking for.
“The lawyer will now start to ask for adjournments and all what not. I may not get this money until after four years. And the judge too, in the mean time, is getting (part of the loot); you will not know. He won’t just adjourn anyhow.
“The lawyer will invite his brother (the judge) to come and get part of the cake until half of it will be gone. We have to look at the issue from that angle. And you may end up getting nothing.”
When asked if such would be possible in a sanitised judiciary, he asked, “Is it sanitised?”
He said these are the areas the President ought to have started his anti-graft war by “sanitising and purifying” the judiciary first. “At least, you will know that three-quarters of the place is tight, and then you can start (the probe),” he added.
He further said that parents were no more disciplined as like in the old days.
He said:
“These days, they don’t care anymore. That is not right; that is not how they were brought up.” 
“Look at the probe that is going on now, for example; how can one person manage to get (steal) one-point-something billion; not even million but billion, and very soon you will hear of trillions? Where did he get it from? That is how it is going on, and he is from a family.
“And if his conscience worried him, he will run to his pastor to say ‘I want to pay tithe-; this is my tithe.’ The pastor collects the tithe. Seeing that it is huge money, the pastor will ask him, ‘what can I do for you?’ ”

Indian sister sentenced to rape after brother ran off with a married woman reveals her terrifying ordeal

One of two sisters sentenced to be raped in India after their brother ran off with a married woman from a higher caste has spoken out about her fear.

Meenakshi Kumari, 23, has described how she has been unable to sleep or leave the house for fear of the village elders - who sentenced her and her 15-year-old sister to rape – sending someone to deliver the punishment.

"I can’t sleep, I’m very scared. How will we ever return home or to our village? If we ever return they will harm us or rape us. If not today then in the future. ’ she said from a secret location in Delhi, 30 miles from their village Sankrot, in Uttar Pradesh, India.

'Jats never forget and they will not forget this humiliation. They want their revenge. Loving someone is not wrong.’

Meenakshi and her little sister were with their family in Delhi for a wedding when a neighbour called and told them not to return to their village.

The neighbour warned that the un-elected village council, Khap panchayat, dominated by the upper caste 'Jat' men, had ordered the two sisters be raped and paraded naked with their faces blackened as punishment for their brother's actions.

Their brother, Ravi Kumar, 25, from the Dalit caste - historically known as 'untouchables' - had been in a relationship with 21-year-old Krishna from the Jat caste for almost two years.

When both families discovered the relationship, they did all they could to keep the two lovers apart.
The siblings' older brother Sumit Kumar, 28, who works as a constable in the Delhi Police, told his younger brother to end the relationship immediately, as they would never be together.

'We belong to a lower caste, they are from an upper caste,' he said.

'I told him this relationship could never work. We are treated as untouchables but he didn't listen to me and now we are paying for it.'

Ravi met Krishna two years ago, when she joined his computer classes for children in Khekada, Uttar Pradesh.

They exchanged phone numbers and quickly fell in love. They were on the phone to each other all the time and arranged covert meetings in secret locations.
But when Ravi's father Naik Dharampal Singh, 52, heard of the relationship he ordered it to end immediately.

Even though Ravi ended the relationship, the pair couldn't bear to be apart.
Eventually Krishna's parents started looking for prospective husbands for her but she refused.

‘It was hard for my brother but he understood the situation,’ Sumit said.
‘Her family knew about their relationship before the marriage. They beat their daughter a lot and gave my brother warnings many times.
'In the end my brother told her to go ahead with the marriage, she had to. She went ahead with the marriage in Haryana but she was very unhappy. They treated her like a maid.
'So she left and returned home. And that’s when she and my brother started their relationship again.’
Ravi and Krishna had eloped twice before but had returned. Each time Sumit claimed her family beat her.
We made him understand it was dangerous. At the end of the day it’d be our family who would suffer. He understood what he was doing, he knew the risks but love took over.

'When the girl got in touch with him he just couldn’t contain his emotions. We are now helpless. His future is ruined completely and our family is in danger.’

Krishna’s family was so furious that the couple had eloped again they told the police Ravi was involved with drugs. When they were caught in Delhi at the end of May, Ravi was arrested and has been in Meerut Jail ever since.

Meenakshi and her family were already in Delhi when a neighbour called them to tell them it’s not safe to return to their village called Baghpat, in Uttar Pradesh, 30 miles from Delhi. It has approximately 250 Dalits compared to 7,000 Jats.

Meenakshi said: ‘My father got a call from a neighbour and told us not to come back. They said that the Khap panchayat – that are all Jats - took the decision to rape my sister and me and parade us naked. They want revenge.

‘It is wrong. We did nothing wrong so why should my sister and me be punished. They loved each other and it is they who decided to go. Why should we suffer?

'We have not left the house, as we are scared they might send someone to attack us. I am finding it very difficult to cope. I am very scared.

'People today are still living in the caste system; it’s the root of everything here. Right now I do not have any hopes, our future is ruined.’

Culled from UK Daily Mail

Policemen Killed a Woman Politician During a struggle in her house in Akure

A 50-year old female politician, Mrs. Ronke
Adelugba, was on Sunday night allegedly beaten
to death in her house in Akure, the Ondo State
capital, by policemen who allegedly invaded her
house in search of a suspected criminal.

The woman, who was until her death the Woman
Leader of the Accord Party (AP) in Ward 5, Akure
South Local Government Area, was allegedly hit
with a gun butt and beaten by two of the seven
policemen who came to her house after an
argument with her.

The seven policemen, who came in a white police
Hilux van with registration umber NPF 4236 B,
had stormed the house located at No. 1,
Akinyemi Street, off Ijoka Road, Akure, after
searching a nearby bush for some boys believed
to be smoking Indian hemp in the area.

Unable to find anybody in the bush, the policemen then headed to Mrs. Adelugba’s house to see if the boys were hiding there.

However, an argument ensued, with Mrs. Adelugba insisting that only her own children were in her three bedroom house.
Insisting that she would not let her children be
arrested without any explanation or warrant, Mrs
Adelugba was shoved, beaten and hit with a gun
butt and in the process slumped and died.

The policemen then allegedly fled the scene after
the residents of the area gathered but the residents later carried the lifeless body of the woman to the Ala Police Station where the policemen came from.

- newtelegraph

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