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Why I’m So Short – Nollywood Actor Aki

Popular actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, aka Aki, had a tough time fielding questions from school children at the ongoing World Book Capital event in Port Harcourt, capital of Rivers State.

During the ‘Celebrities Read to Children’ segment of the event, at the Royal Banquet Hall of Hotel Presidential on Tuesday, one of the pupils in attendance, a youngster of about eight years, sent the guests rocking with laughter when he asked, “Why is Aki so short?”

But barely concealing his embarrassment, Aki patiently explained to the pupil that he was created that way. “If you look around, you will see that some people are tall and others are short, even shorter than I am. I am short because God has created me this way,” he said.

Meeting the actor for the first time, some of the pupils were so excited they literally pelted him with more questions. They wanted to know his actual age, if his alter-ego – Osita Iheme aka Pawpaw – was his blood brother and how he got the pseudonym, Aki.

To the youngster who wanted to know his age, he said, “I am a full adult. All I can say is that I am above 20 years. I am in my 30s. When I was as young as you, one of my favourite actors was an American known as Gary Coleman. He was so short that I used to think he was a boy. I never knew he was a man.”

Regarding his relationship with Pawpaw, Aki told his young ‘tormentors’ that fate brought them together. “I am from Abia State and he is a native of Imo State. We never knew each other before until fate brought us together through Nollywood,” he said.

The actor advised another pupil, who wanted to know how he could become a Nollywood actor, to get good education first. He said, “The door to Nollywood is wide open and ready to admit anybody. But you need to go to school first.

If you go to school, you will have a solid foundation. Most young people that are just going into Nollywood are not aware that they have to give 70 per cent of their time to education and only 20 per cent to acting. Education will help you become good actors and actresses.”

Aki concluded his short ‘sermon’ by adding that despite dividing his time between his studies as a Mass Communications student of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu and acting in Nollywood movies, he had managed to graduate with good grades.

Also, Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, stunned the audience when she revealed that she had eight children. She said that while four of them were her biological children, the rest were adopted. “But I have become so used to them that I don’t regard them as my adopted children,” she added, referring to the latter.

When asked why she always played the part of the ‘wicked’ woman in the movies, she replied, “I can’t get tired of answering this same question all the time. Well, I think it is because producers and directors discovered that I play such roles very well. Incidentally my fans seem to enjoy seeing me play the role of a bad woman,” she said.

Source: Punch

Shocking: The second coming of Jesus Christ may never happen – Vatican

The SPOKESPERSON for the Vatican officially announced some days ago that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news.

Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this years 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth.

“We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it.” he said. “It’s been ages like. He’s probably flat out doing other really good things for people somewhere else.”

Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again in chapter John 14:1-3 of the bible: “There are many homes up where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with Me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly”

The Vatican defended Jesus’ broken promise, claiming “he was probably drinking wine” at the time when he made the comments.

“Having the ability to turn water into wine had its ups and its downs.” added Cardinal Salvadore. “We all make promises we can’t keep when we’re drunk. Jesus was no different.”

The church said it will now focus attentions on rebuilding its reputation around the world, but will keep an optimistic mind for the savior’s second coming.

Meet World's 1st Married Threesome Lêsbian Expecting Baby [Photos]

Three women Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from Massachusetts, USA,  married in a ceremony in August 2013. All of them wore wedding dresses and exchanged rings. Their relationships were registered by a specialist family lawyer and now these unlike-the-rest women are expecting their first baby to be born in July. It is a 27-year-old Kitten who undergone artificial insemination with the help of an anonymous sperm donor.

At the moment mothers-to-be plan that Kitten will bear all three children - one for each of them; but they also consider such option as adoption. The trio claim that their relationships are absolutely normal.

They are having breakfast, watching TV after work and sleeping together like any other couple. The only difference they have is that communication is a little bit more difficult for them than others. As there are three people in the family the responsibilities are thoroughly scheduled and elaborated.
Sharing their experiences the women noted that communication issue is more tricky for them while household chores are a lot easier with three people as they always help each other. Each of the women has their own duties and roles: Brynn is the traditional breadwinner - she makes the majority of the family's income, Doll does the cooking and Kitten does the cleaning.

Speaking on their wedding and relationships with the relatives, the women admitted that the pre-wedding time was hectic, it took a lot more organizing because there were three brides involved. Not to mention the fact that being married to more than one person is not currently legal. They had to combine handfasting, legally binding documents and legal marriage.


Although some of the relatives were primarily against this marriage when three happy women walked down the aisle, each of their fathers gave them away. Now happily married women make plans for their child's future, they are going to teach her at home to prevent bulling by peers. Future mothers strongly believe that traditional school's tough enough for a normal kid, that is why homeschooling is the best variant for a kid born in an unconventional family.

Brynn said: "The three of us have been brave enough to stand tall and go against what society calls normal. I hope our child will feel free to do the same thing if they wish.

Doll, Kitten and I may not be the norm but we are perfectly normal. We are simply people trying to live the life that we feel is best for us and we deserve the rights afforded to others."

Doll, Kitten and Brynn are committed to each other and didn't want to add anyone else to their family. They hope to show the world that polyfidelity is an acceptable choice of love.

Source:  Dailymail

Black Beauty!! Lupita Nyong'o is People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman 2014

Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has been named People magazine's Most Beautiful woman 2014. She covers the 25th publication of the magazine.

An excited Lupita says its a major compliment; 
"It was exciting and just a major, major compliment and especially, I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen." she said

Two Popular Nollywood Actresses Fight Over Younger Lover

Two Nollywood actresses recently tore at each other, kicking, biting and punching. But over what, you may ask? Well, over a younger actor who has J and I beginning his name and surname. The shameless actresses have F and A and S and O heralding theirs.

The battle ground was Winnis, an artistes’ rendezvous in Surulere, Lagos.                        

''Ashawo''... ''boy friend snatcher''...'' shameless old fool'' and ''old cargo'' were some of the foul languages the duo used on each other before clothes were torn and injuries inflicted with their nails and via some crazy punches.

S and O, to tell the truth, was the first to hook J and I. But from behind, F and A stepped in and almost succeeded in pocketing the young actor with money and gifts and attention. Somehow, information got to S and O and she waylaid F and A at Winnis. Taking her unawares and giving her what is known in local parlance as first attack, she was almost stripping her amidst heavy blows from left, right and centre when some of their colleagues came to her rescue.

S and O is from the Eastern part of the country, on the fair side and not too tall while F and A is from Benue State, slim-built, K-legged and multi-coloured, due to bleaching.

The latter had been acting before the former, although the former is more popular. She has also been luckier in terms of cornering some career-enhancing movie roles. Their ugly story and fight, meanwhile is now the talk-of-the-town among their colleagues and even non-colleagues. Particularly all those that were there as the crazy drama unfolded.

AGN, the umbrella body of all the actors, may soon look into the matter, and possibly penalize them.


"I’m Ready To Expose Boko Haram Sponsor" – Popular Clairvoyant

A popular clairvoyant in Adamawa State, Alhaji Alhassan Mohammed Goni, a.k.a. AMG, has threatened to expose the sponsors of Boko Haram insurgency if the killer group does not suspend the current bloodletting and hostilities in the country within two weeks. 

The spiritualist, who expressed sympathy for President Goodluck Jonathan, said: 

“My vision always tells me whenever the Boko Haram are about to launch attacks but I was always incapacitated to stop them because I was not given express permission by the authorities to do so; but through my intervention, the intensity of the attacks is minimal.” 

He said among those sponsoring Boko Haram activities are top politicians and traditional rulers... Goni added that having been disturbed by the bloodletting and seemingly inexorable hostilities by the group, he deemed it fit to come forward, and warned that if those behind Boko Haram fail to change their ways, he will soon expose them. 

He said he is aware of the various nocturnal meetings held by the sect before launching attacks but was not able to curtail their attacks as he had not been permitted to do so. He condemned the recent bombing in Abuja and urged government to take more security measures like mounting of CCTV cameras. 

He called for the probe of the Chinese company handling the installation of CCTV cameras in Abuja, adding that the contract should be revoked and handed over to a more competent company.

“Government should also look at ways of giving employment to civilian JTF in the armed forces, police and other para military organizations so that they can continue to actively contribute their quota in protecting their father land”, Goni stressed. 

"D'banj, Why Not Visit Borno And Yobe Too" -- Fan Criticize Him For Visiting Abuja Victims

D’banj just like some other celebrities visited the victims of Nyanya bomb blast at Asokoro hospital and said, he is a Nigerian and he’s affected by anything that befalls the country, but a fan thinks it's not true and his visit wasn't genuine.

The man who was upset about D’banj’s visit, asked him why he has not visited victims of bomb blasts in states like Borno or Yola, insinuating he visited these ones because it happened in Abuja.

What D’banj said when he visited;

"I am a Nigerian and I am affected by any tragedy that befalls us and particularly in the spirit of Easter, I came to show the victims support.I have seen that the survivors are responding positively to treatment and thanked the medical team here for the efforts. We are appealing to the perpetrators of these acts to have a rethink and support the peace initiative so that our people would not be subjected to such wickedness"
Fan’s tweets;

Actress Genevieve Nnaji Looks Stunning In Igbo Traditional Aso-Ebi In Nnewi, Anambra State

Emeka Carter is the C.E.O of E Properties & Development, brother to Onyi Onwugbenu, CEO MUD Cosmetics, Genevieve Nnaji's close friend. He also is the only son of billionaire businessman Chief Izuchukwu Onwugbenu, chairman of Louise Carter Group. 

Continue after the cut to see photos from the wedding. Flavour was also in attendance. Emeka's bride, Onyinye Chukwuma is the daughter of billionaire businessman Chief Innocent Chukwuma, Chairman, Innoson Motors.

Genevieve Nnaji Stuns In Igbo Traditional Aso-Ebi In Nnewi, Anambra State 42231

Genevieve Nnaji Stuns In Igbo Traditional Aso-Ebi In Nnewi, Anambra State 2423
Groom with his mum

Genevieve Nnaji Stuns In Igbo Traditional Aso-Ebi In Nnewi, Anambra State 544
Groom with Bride

Genevieve Nnaji Stuns In Igbo Traditional Aso-Ebi In Nnewi, Anambra State 5453

Genevieve Nnaji Stuns In Igbo Traditional Aso-Ebi In Nnewi, Anambra State 54532

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